Terms & Conditions


  • When/where lessons are held. Lessons are 30mins in duration and are conducted within the school during class times. Tutors will collect and return students to their classrooms when necessary. Lesson times are rotated weekly to ensure students are not missing the same class each week.
  • Payment. Payment is made on a term-by-term basis. Payment must be made by the commencement of the first lesson. Payment can be Direct Debit, fill in online Direct Debit forms.
  • Commitment for tuition. Once payment is made, students are enrolled for one full term. Cancellation of lessons can only take effect at the end of each school term.
  • Cancellation Policy. For cancellation of music lessons, two weeks’ notice must be given before term ends and term must be completed. Credits will not be refunded due to cancellation.
  • Method books are needed throughout studies. For beginning students, Method books can be supplied by Poco Music at Retail costs. Advancing students may need to source their Method and Exam books elsewhere.
  • Student Absence. 24 hours notice must be given, for credits to be applicable. In case of emergencies, illness etc. notice must be given by 9.00am on day of lesson or 8.00am for 8.30am classes. Other lessons missed due to non-attendance with no notification will be charged.
  • Make up lessons. Lessons will be made up if tutor or student is absent with notice, school excursions, camps or other schedule events are listed as credits (Primary School Campus only). In the event of prolonged tutor absence a substitute tutor may be used to conduct lessons on the regular lesson day.
  • If credit lessons are not made up during the term, that credit will be carried into next term and deducted from next terms fees, we do not refund credit lessons.
  • Termination. If this agreement is terminated by Poco Music and the number of lessons can’t be met, make up lessons will be arranged ASAP or a pro-rata refund will be organised for the balance of fees paid.